Activities & Clubs

The PLDCA started over 50 yrs ago to ‘promote sports and community’. While team sports such as soccer are now run out of other facilities, we have some great fitness and mind enhancing classes available at the hall.

4H Club

4H description and contact details coming soon.

Gentle Exercise Classes

Exercise class on Tuesdays at 1pm is fabulous for over 55 year olds’, or any age looking for greater strength, flexibility and gentle fitness. Instructor will individualize activity as needed for each participant. Equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands are supplied. A coffee session afterward completes a great afternoon. First class free then just $5.

Aikido Classes

The Aikido Club runs classes on Tues & Thurs 7 pm and Sunday 10.30 am. For fitness, fun and self defence. Taught by Senseis: Jim Kightley, 5th degree black belt; Judith Berman, 4th degree black belt & Randy Feuerriegel, 3rd degree black belt

Ages 14 and up. Drop in wearing loose clothes and try a fun free class to see if it is for you.

Restorative Yoga Classes for All with Tara Crouse

Restoratives basically set the whole body up for deep healing, growth and repair! This type of yoga helps to kick in the relaxation response, balancing the nervous system and optimizing energy flow to the organs as it lifts immune function and enhance the process of digestion.  A unique class which combines various props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, etc.) to support your body in various poses.  Each class will combine breath work and meditation with the postures.

Asanas, band conditioning, pranayama, hot rocks, essential oil, and restorative postures. Nurture your well-being!

  • Mondays 9.00am – 10.10am
  • Fridays 9.30 – 10:40am

Pickle Ball

Everyone is welcome for $4 drop-in Pickle ball on Thursdays at 1-3pm.